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Care to share?

Hi, my name's Mia and I've always wanted to work for the UN. I was a third culture kid, so I pretty much can't imagine myself working a not-so-diverse environment on a daily basis, plus I want to help out in the public sector. I've wanted it so much that I've been killing myself trying to learn various languages and I have an undergrad and grad degree that's pretty helpful for my plans.

However, in grad school I learned that there are legal documents (SecGen bulletins) that regulate so-called "prohibited conduct". It includes bullying, abuse of authority, and a whole load of scary crap that I can't even imagine happening in the UN. It's just so not like the UN for things like that to happen (esp. internally). But then a friend of mine sent me this link: http://www.unpost.org (pretty appalling stuff).

So anyone here who's actually worked/is currently working at the UN care to share your experiences at the UN? What was it like? Good? Bad? How did you feel about it? I'm actually prepping myself so as not to be shocked by the reality once I get there. I'd appreciate your help in putting me into perspective.

Thank you in advance.

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