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MUN and Barcelona--no better combination!

Hi guys,

I'm passing this on you all either because I know that this international relations thing and partying in Barcelona is a combination you'd love, or you know a bunch of people who'd be interested in such an opportunity. If this is the case, please, pass it onto your friends!

Once again, I'm heading up the Press Team for the Catalonia Model United Nations conference in Barcelona, Spain, from May 2nd to the 5th. I'm looking for Reporters, Photographers, an Artist, and an Assistant Layout Editor for the daily newspaper.

The day in the life of a Press Staff member looks like this: wake up at the crack of dawn in your paid-for sweet hostel room, get to the swank hotel conference center before the Secretary-General, write articles, takes pictures, draw pretty pictures and political cartoons, or lay out our newspaper all day, then party until sunrise. If you want to speak to people who have lived this insane week before, let me know, and I'll put them in contact with you.

The United Nations Association Spain is sponsoring this conference and pays the conference fees and hostel rooms for the duration of the conference for staff members. Successful applicants are flexible, dependable, and not averse to hard work. Successful applicants only need to pay their way to Barcelona and for food.

Press Staff also have way more much fun than normal delegates, although if you are of the stoic Chair persuasion, there's spots for you too. I can put you in contact with the Conference Manager if you're interested in apply as a ho-hum regular staff member.

This year's Clarion newspaper and staff will be bigger, better, and pimpier than ever! The deadline for applications to me is March 15th.

Drop me a line if you want more info or have questions!

Website: http://www.anue.org/ca/cmun/index.html


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