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The new Secretary-General

I was reading an article in Dutch about the possible successors of Koffi Annan while I cam across this site.
It seems that the South-Korean Ban Ki-moon is the most likely candidate and it had me wondering what ye lot's opinions are on him and the 'elections'.  Do you agree with any of the candidates, are there others you prefer? I remember reading that the UN Secretary-General should come from a different continent but that's not entirely true is it? I mean, we already had three from Europe (Trygve Lie, Dag Hammerskjöld and Kurt Waldheim). Besides that, U Thant alread 'represented' Asia. So shouldn't the next Secretary-General com from either Oceania (or North-America/East-Europe depending on your geographical views) rather then Asia again?
I was just curious since this is the first election I am 'aware' that is happening since I was to young for the others.
also holds a little bit of information.
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