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Calling for help from people with knowledge on IGO's or who are really good with Google searches (be

I'm currently working on a database of working IGO's (Inter-governmental Organizations) to help people research Model UN and UN assignments, however, I've hit a barrier and am hoping some of you might know where I can find information on the following IGOs. The ones on the list are IGOs that existed at some point in the 20th century, though they easily could have changed names, evolved or were enveloped into a newer IGO or died off with the change in international politics. What I am looking for is information as to whether the IGO still exists; if it does, if there is another name for it (even if it is just in another language); and finally, does it have an official website? If it doesn't exist, I'd appreciate a link to where it says it doesn't, if you find the information somewhere. Thanks a bunch for anyone who spends time looking for the information, or if you know it off the top of your brain! Any information to help me cut back this list is greatly appreciated!

01) African Interstate Tourist Office
02) Afro-Malagasy Industrial Property Office
03) Afro-Malagasy Postal and Telecommunications Union
04) Afro-Malagasy Union (Common Afro-Malagasy Economic Organization)
05) ANZUS Council
06) Arab International Tourist Office
07) Arab Permanent Postal Commission
08) Commonwealth Scientific Committee
10) Central American Institute for Research and Industrial Technology
11) Central Office for International Railway Transport
12) Commission of the Chad Basin
13) Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Research Council
14) Commonwealth Agriculture Bureaux
15) Commonwealth Air Transport Council
16) Commonwealth Economic Committee
17) Commonwealth Education Liaison Committee
18) Commonwealth Shipping Committee
19) Commonwealth Telecommunications Board
20) Conference of Heads of State of Equatorial Africa
21) Council for Mutual Economic Aid
22) Council for Technical Cooperation in South and Southeast Asia (Colombo Plan)
23) Council of the Entente
24) Desert Locust Control Organization for East Africa
25) East African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization
26) East African Common Services Organization
27) European Coal and Steel Community
28) European Company for the Chemical Processing of Irradiated Fuels
29) European Company for the Financing of Railway Rolling Stock
30) European Conference of Insurance Supervisory Services
31) European Customs Union Study Group (Custom Cooperation Council)
32) European Economic Community
33) European Food Code Council
34) European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organization
35) General Fisheries Council of the Mediterranean
36) General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration
37) Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council
38) Institute of Nutrition for Central America and Panama
39) Inter-African Committee on Statistics
40) Inter-American Development Bank
41) Inter-American Federation of Cotton
42) Inter-American Indian Institute
43) Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Science
44) Inter-American Statistical Committee
45) Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration
46) Intergovernmental Copyright Committee
47) International African Migratory Locust Organization
48) International Bureau for the Protection of the Moselle against Pollution
49) International Bureau for the Protection of the Rhine against Pollution
50) International Computation Center
51) International Conference for Promoting Technical Unification on the Railways
52) International Moselle Company
53) International Railway Wagon Union
54) International Red Locust Control Service
55) International Regional Organization against Plant and Animal Diseases
56) International Sericultural Commission
57) International Union for the Publication of Customs Tariffs
58) International Wool Study Group
59) Joint Railway Commission (Bolivia-Argentina)
60) Joint Railway Commission (Bolivia-Brazil)
61) Latin American Educational Film Institute
62) lbero-American Office of Education
63) Niger River Commission
64) Nordic Advisory Committee on Films for Children
65) North Pacific Fur Seal Commission
66) Organization for the Collaboration of Railways (Russian only and all false links)
67) Organization of Central American States
68) Permanent Commission for the Conservation of the Maritime Resources of the South Pacific
69) Permanent International Bureau of the Analytical Chemistry of Human and Animal Food
70) Permanent joint Technical Committee for the Nile
71) Permanent South American Railway Congress Association
72) Picture and Sound World Organization
73) Provisional Maritime Consultative Council (Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization)
74) Sterling Area Statistical Committee
75) Tripartite Commission on the Working Conditions of Rhine Boatmen
76) Union for the International Use of Carriages and Vans

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